St Peter’s School,Cambridge, New Zealand

A lack of staff who were skilled in the outdoors and available out of school hours, saw St Peter’s School in Cambridge, look to Manaaki Adventures NZ to offer its international students an exciting Kiwi adventure experience.

“Before engaging Manaaki Adventures NZ to help us, our international department would often have to coerce family and friends to help with driving and supervision on our weekend trips and as a result we weren’t able to comply with staff to student ratios,” said Val Harman.

“To have found skilled and trained teachers who understand teenagers, and in particular, the needs of international students is great.”

The school has used Manaaki Adventures NZ on multiple occasions to run snow and beach tours over the past two years.

“The feedback from the students is that they feel well looked after, that Dan and Hemi are fun and the activities are well planned,” said Val.


“We really appreciate that Dan and Hemi take the time to relate to the students and know them by name after a very short time.”

She said St Peter’s is relieved to be able to hand over the responsibility of running adventure tours for its international students to skilled and trained Outdoor and Physical Education teachers and feel at ease with the Manaaki Adventures NZ team taking the lead.

“Dan and Hemi are two secondary teachers who love the outdoors and share that with students, encouraging them to enjoy themselves. They have been very accommodating when we’ve asked for minor changes to proposed programmes and are easy to work with we wish them every success for the future.”