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Culture Options

New Zealanders (also called Kiwis) are friendly, welcoming and enjoy meeting people from other cultures. The Māori, New Zealand’s first settlers, make up around 15% of the population but there are lots of different ethnic communities living in New Zealand. Māori culture is the culture of the Māori of New Zealand (an Eastern Polynesian people) and forms a distinctive part of New Zealand culture. We offer your group the opportunity to be a part of this culture.

Option 1 – Mitai Maori Village

 An evening at Mitai will give you an authentic introduction to Maori culture leaving you amazed and in awe. Enter the world of Mitai. Be enthralled by the natural bush setting, see warriors in traditional dress paddle an ancient warrior canoe (waka) down the Wai-o-whiro stream, and don’t miss your only opportunity in the Rotorua area to see glow worms in their natural habitat.

Marvel at the crystal clear water full of eels and trout, flowing directly from the earth at the sacred Fairy Spring. See your traditionally cooked hangi meal being lifted from the ground. During our cultural performance, you’ll learn about our past, carvings and ta moko (tattoo art).

Option 2 – Te Puia

Explore Te Whakarewarewa, a 60 hectare Geothermal Valley, showcasing the famous Rotorua mud pools and over 500 geothermal wonders, including the Pohutu Geyser, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest active geyser!

Traditional Māori Carving and Weaving performed before your eyes, including wood, stone & bone carvings as well flax-weaving- Te Puia is home to the New Zealand Māori Arts & Crafts Institute.

Māori Art & History at Te Heketanga a Rangi, the entrance to Te Puia with 12 monumental carvings that represent celestial Māori guardians. Hear ancestral stories of the Māori settlement in Rotorua and about culture.

Option 3 – Kokohinau Marae

Kokohinau is a real life and working Marae. Our company director is a descendent from the founders of this Marae. A marae is a fenced-in complex of carved buildings and grounds that belongs to a particular iwi (tribe), hapū (sub tribe) or whānau (family). Māori people see their marae as tūrangawaewae – their place to stand and belong. Marae are used for meetings, celebrations, funerals, educational workshops and other important tribal events.
A marae incorporates a carved meeting house (wharenui) with an open space in front (marae ātea), a dining hall and cooking area, and a toilet and shower block.This exclusive opportunity is now open for you and your group to come and experience. Though the Koko bird sitting on a branch of a Hinau tree is depicted as the emblem of Kokohinau Marae, it is not believed that this is how it came to be so named.

Service Options

New Zealand has earned a reputation for its stance on environmental management. Our experience in bringing individual species back from the brink of extinction, New Zealand’s stand on nuclear power and introduction of comprehensive environmental legislation such as the Resource Management Act are examples of the importance we place on their heritage. Our ‘clean, green’ image continues to be a key message. The natural and historic heritage we enjoy today is supported by a legislative and voluntary framework which has developed over time through significant efforts, often in the face of adversity. Volunteering to help protect our natural environment is one of the most rewarding things you will do.

Option 1

Forest Regeneration (Native tree planting)

Help the Department of Conservation restore New Zealand’s native forests by planting native trees. New Zealand is leading the way in trying to restore native forests on sections of land that have, in the past, been cleared for agriculture

Option 2

Coastal cleanup and wildlife protection

Learn about some of our endangered coastal wildlife and the measures conservation groups take to help protect them.

Option 3

Pest control (Project kiwi)

Understand the 10 year plan of pest control. This educational trip helps explain the reasoning, process and results of pest control measures in New Zealand. All the while helping to protect NZ’s iconic endangered birds.

Option 4

Help the islands of the Hauraki Gulf

Volunteer in some of New Zealand’s most beautiful island sanctuaries. Here you will learn about the steps it takes to help breed and rare our rare native birds and preserve the pristine environment.

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