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Manaaki Adventures NZ is founded by qualified New Zealand teachers. The underlying values of our organisation are build on care and respect. Manaaki is a Maori word that literally means ‘to care for, or show respect to’. We help teachers deliver a high value learning programme and the opportunity to their students to ‘learn through living’.

New Zealand is well set up to cater for student groups. It is a safe and secure with world class infrastructure. Using our natural environment and education providers we help you to design a student-centred, experiential learning experience that will be talked about for years to come. We make sure all of our tours are educational, value for money and most importantly fun for both the teachers and students.

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Option 1 – NZ Earth Sciences

New Zealand has some of the most untouched, diverse and beautiful natural environments in the world.  We have diverse geography that varies from region to region. Many of the geological and marine features are easily accessible and set up to cater for student groups. At each location we also provide the cultural history of each area sharing the rich tales and legends from the indigenous Maori.

Some of our natural features we visit include:

White Island (active island volcano)

Auckland – calderas and dormant volcanic features

Waitomo Caves – limestone caves

The New Zealand Southern Alps

Rotorua and Taupo – geothermal energy

We help you to utilising this natural environment for a high valued learning experience. We help to organise practical experiments, field excursions, museum and facility tours, specialist guides and guest speakers and school visits.

Option 2 – Leadership and Interpersonal skills

Our programmes inspire leadership and help foster communication and relationship skills in young people.

Many of our activities help to build resilience, reward selflessness and encourage achievement. We tailor each tour to suit the age and ability level of each group.

New Zealand has an wide range of adventure based activity providers that help challenge students in many ways. This will help foster self-awareness, building confidence, enhance communication skills and empower them to make good choices.

Option 3 – Environment and Sustainability

There is no doubt that New Zealand has a pristine and beautiful natural landscape. We have an abundance of interesting flora and fauna here too. We are also luck to have no native land predators or major poisonous creatures making one of the most safest natural environments on earth.

New Zealand has worked hard to try and keep our country ‘clean and green’. Agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries industries have contributed to a rising number of environmental concerns. The management of these issues provides us with the perfect platform to study environment and sustainability real life case studies.

Agriculture – visit a real working dairy farm

Aquaculture – visit the Coromandel mussle farms

Fisheries – Go fishing as a recreational fisher

Investigating the challenges to real environments first hand provides students with experiential learning in a safe and stimulating location. Issues we cover include the Department of Conservation, Resource Management, Environmental Governance, Risk Management, Rights of and Responsibilities and Ownership vs Stewardship.


Option 4 – Indigenous Cultures

New Zealanders (also called Kiwis) are friendly, welcoming and enjoy meeting people from other cultures. The Māori, New Zealand’s first settlers, make up around 15% of the population but there are lots of different ethnic communities living in New Zealand. Māori culture is the culture of the Māori of New Zealand (an Eastern Polynesian people) and forms a distinctive part of New Zealand culture. We offer your group the opportunity to be a part of this culture.

While on tour you will become part of a Maori Community. Live, eat and sleep in a real working Marae (traditional community settlement) and meet the local farmers and children. This special opportunity is exclusive to Manaaki Adventures and is a feature of what we do as an organisation.

Option 5 – Curriculum Specific

Provide us with your learning intentions and we can work together to design a customised tour featuring student-centred, experiential educational opportunity for your students.

We will utilise New Zealand’s many environmental , easily accessible geographical features and mild climate to provide students with rich opportunities to actualise their classroom learning in a safe and stimulating way. A well planned and dynamic tour will awaken curiosity, provoke enquiry and teach critical observation and comprehension as essential life skills. Curriculum specific tours can comprise of practical hands-on activities, case studies, highly relevant excursions and field trips, specialist guides and guest speakers.

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