“Unless we are willing to encourage our children to reconnect with and appreciate the natural world, we can’t expect them to help protect and care for it.”

David Suzuki

Info for Parents

While your child is on a tour, rest assured, they are in the best possible care. Parents can contact us directly if they have any questions and concerns.

Safety during activities

We have detailed safety systems in place for all aspects of each adventure activity. We have ‘contractors agreements’ in place with all providers and use only these best companies in the country for all activities. The stringent audit process we go through leaves no stone unturned.

Sleeping Arrangements

For both high school and tertiary tours we ensure that we have separate male and female students sleeping quarters. High school tours also have important curfews. Trust us they will be needing their sleep, as they will be exhausted from all the fun and excitement from the day.

Food and Nutrition

We ensure each meal is nutrient rich and provides each student with the energy they need to sustain them throughout each day. Students are also welcome to buy any extra food they wish. We also have the ability to cater for specific dietary requirements e.g vegetarian, halal etc.

Non-English Speaker

All important safety and operational information is translatable via google translate on our staff Ipads. We endeavour to let all student know what is going on around them. We also target leaders and competent students to help.

Non-Physical Student

We run a “challenge by choice” model, whereby if a student decides to pull out of a physical activity for any reason we will make allowances for that to happen. Note however, that some activities do require a reasonable level of fitness.

Contact during the tour

Remember it’s normal for them to not be contacting you every day. More than likely they are either out of reception or they are too busy having the time of their life. If in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we will notify the you and the school.

If you wish to discuss any other concerns then please contact us by calling +64 21 158 6984, or email us on info@manaakiadventures.com – you can also find our full contact details, including location and postal address, on our contact page.

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