“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.”

Helen Keller

Info for Teachers

We are New Zealand qualified and experienced secondary school teachers!

The foundations of Manaaki Adventures are built on knowledge and experience from both the outdoor adventure industry and the teaching profession. Our company directors are both experienced secondary school teachers of various subjects including Outdoor Education. Our guides are either school teachers and/or the best New Zealand trained outdoor guides in the marketplace.

Choosing a Safe and Professional Company

How do you know that your students are left in the best hands? How do we know they will get along with the staff? We understand how important relationships are between guides and students.

We are trained and qualified teachers leading student tours!

We know students, we know parents and we know teachers.

School Competing for Student Enrolments

Attracting international student interest is a competitive game. Research shows the single biggest influencing factor in choosing an international school is the website. It must appeal to agents, parents and teachers.

In order to build website visits, market exposure and brand awareness of your school, Manaaki Adventures NZ will provide the following;

Grant you access to our videos and photos of all tours your students are on
Links on all Manaaki Adventures social media pages to your school
A page on your school website explaining the tour opportunities available through your school in association with Manaaki Adventures NZ (we can organise this).

Time and Effort

Host families and International Deans are often busy enough as it is without having to feel like they need to make time to chase students up to get organised for a weekend or holiday tour.

We’ve already done the work for you!
So, what do we need from you?
Our emails sent out and forwarded to your students, parents and homestay families
Distribute or make available our marketing brochures and posters to your students
Possibly collect enrolment forms and medical forms (only for customised tours)
No need to organise activities, transport, accommodation, food etc
No need to check up on organisations to ensure they’re reputable

The Threat of Liability

There is a lot of red tape around the outdoors industry. If you decide to organise an outdoor activity for your students are you aware of all your obligations? If something went wrong would you and/or the school be liable?

If you choose to work with Manaaki Adventures NZ we take the liability and responsibility of the students into our own hands, and, for that matter, we take that job very seriously. We have detailed safety systems in place for all aspects of our tours. We have ‘contractors agreements’ in place with all providers and use only these best companies in the country. All documents are available on request.

Lack of an Outdoor Programme

Schools often struggle to appeal to European students if they have no Outdoor Education programme. We offer schools the opportunity to advertise us as a service that their school offers to their international students.

We overcome this hurdle by providing your schools Outdoor Education programme on weekends and holidays. What if my school already has an OE programme? Great, we provide the opportunity for students to further explore the country beyond what is practical within a high school outdoor programme.

Generate positive word of mouth

It’s a simple equation:


It is said the single best and worst marketing tool is word of mouth. If students have a great experience they will share this, most likely on various social media networks, increasing demand for your establishment among other international students. We can help with improving experience, just check out our testimonials for proof.

Building this mutually beneficial relationship between us and our NZ school partners is a key priority for us here at Manaaki Adventures NZ. If you are interested in addressing all of the issues we have highlighted above and growing your international student programme, then email us your details and we will get back to you with information about “where to from here”.

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