“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of”

Nelson Mandela

International Bacculaureate – C.A.S

Creativity, activity, service (C.A.S) programmes with a difference!

Manaaki Adventures is proud to work with IB schools from all around the world to help deliver one of the best C.A.S. (Creativity, Action and Service) programmes for their students.

We understand that many IB schools place a lot of importance on offering an effective C.A.S. programme. The personal growth that can results from a meaningful programme will not only help your student academically but help them grow into “better more worldly citizens on the world we live in”.

IB and Manaaki Adventures NZ

“A complementary relationship”


We promote and foster opportunities for students to lead thier own learning

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There is no better way to learn and than through living it, experiencing it!

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Discover how new experiences, can prompt a new outlook on life

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We promote leadership, social interaction and building meaningful relationships

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Stay true to ones on values and morals, and accept those of others

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Experience and immerse yourself in new cultures and different ways of life

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We show respect for and kindness to all


Challenge self in unfamiliar environments


Listen, observe and question ones perception

Develop a programme that suits you

Manaaki Adventures is extremely proud of the role we play in helping students to realise and work towards fulfilling the IB Learner Profile.

The foundation of our company was built on teaching and ALL of our staff are fully trained and qualified teachers. We have collaborated with schools from around the world to design the perfect environment for students to exceed the expectations of the IB standards.

Contact us to discuss the potential for your school to join the movement!

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