Helping your students learn through living

Congratulations on making it this far!

If you have arrived on this page you are clearly an educator that cares for the development of your students. But also someone who takes advantages of the many opportunities that life presents to you.

To be honest the process of getting a trip this off the ground is easier than you think.

We try to make the process as pain free as possible by supporting you along the way. We give you documents to help gain approval from the school board, access to our advertising database and all the forms you will need including a detailed itinerary.

The process generally runs like this…

Get in contact with us

Seek approval from your school

Advertise trip with students and parents

Confirm your itinerary

Explore our fundraising ideas

Start the journey of a lifetime

The best place to start is to introduce yourself to us.

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

In the mean time explore some of our options you can include in your trip below

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