“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.”

Andre Gide



Tonia Heeps

Hamilton Boys’ High School Director of International Students

Hamilton Boys’ High School began working with Manaaki Adventures in 2015. Their personal, friendly approach to tailoring weekend excursions and holiday adventures has captured the interest of many of our International students. All of our feepaying students have now experienced New Zealand’s spectacular scenery and been exposed to new outdoor challenges.

Manaaki Adventures Directors, Dan Meade and Hemi Coates are Outdoor Education and Physical Education teachers and fabulous role models. They are careful, attentive, firm and friendly towards the boys in their care and it is obvious that they love these opportunities as much as the students.

In February of this year, Manaaki Adventures took our whole cohort of feepaying students on an orientation programme to Pauanui and Hahei. The boys took part in bush walks, beach games, swimming, surfing lessons, mini golf and evening sing-a-longs.

Manaaki Adventures coordinated and took responsibility for all aspects of the trip: planning; budgeting; health and safety; food preparation; sleeping arrangements; transport and the discipline and care of the boys. The 3 teachers who attended the weekend were free to enjoy spending time with the students.

I unreservedly recommend Manaaki Adventures. Our boys cannot wait for their next trip away and the planning has begun for next year’s orientation weekend

Misa Immanuelli

Fiji – via Hamilton Boys’ High School

“I am an international student from Fiji studying at the prestigious Hamilton Boys’ High School. Last year i was blessed and priviledged to go on a weekend weekend trip to Mount Ruapehu with Manaaki Adventures. Myself and a group of 14 students from around the Waikato region spent three days and two nights having the time of our lives. The trip was an experience of a life time, there was so much to do and be occupied with. Our guides were very friendly and approachable. This made the trip very enjoyable and relaxing. Full of knowledge of the outdoors and one could tell they were doing what they loved best. Overall the trip was a blast. I made new friends and got to enjoy what the New Zealand outdoors had to offer. I highly recommend studenst to take the leap of faith and sign up with Manaaki Adventures. They would make it worth your while. As for Mt Ruapehu, I came, I saw, I shredded.”

Ind & Umi from Thailand

via St Peters College, Cambridge

“The Adventure camp was very awesome”

“Thankyou for organising the weekend trip for us – it was a GREAT experience”

Suva Huang 

China, via Hamilton Boys’ High School

“You should definitely come on the Manaaki Trip. I have had so much fun and met some new people”

Yolanda Chang

Hillcrest High School, Hamilton

“We have an amazing day snowboarding and we are looking forward to the next surfing trip”

Val Harman

Homestay Co-ordinator, St Peters’ School, Cambridge, New Zealand.

“Manaaki Adventures have proven to be the “go to” company for our school.

Manaaki Adventures are based in Hamilton and the weekend adventures start and finish at our school.

Hemi and Dan can relate to teenagers well and know how to make it fun for the students.

Manaaki Adventures are now running our Orientation day at the beginning of each year”

Nym Jin

Yingyuan middle school, Guangzhou, China

“we have had such an amazing time, you should do it to!”