Educational Tours

Manaaki Adventures NZ is founded by qualified New Zealand teachers. The underlying values of our organisation are build on care and respect. Manaaki is a Maori word that literally means ‘to care for, or show respect to’. We help teachers deliver a high value learning programme and the opportunity to their students to ‘learn through living’.

New Zealand is well set up to cater for student groups. It is a safe and secure with world class infrastructure. Using our natural environment and education providers we help you to design a student-centred, experiential learning experience that will be talked about for years to come. We make sure all of our tours are educational, provide value and fun for both the teachers and student

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Leadership & Interpersonal skills

Our programmes inspire leadership and help foster communication and relationship skills in young people. Many of our activities help to build resilience, reward selflessness and encourage achievement. We tailor each tour to suit the age and ability level of each group.

School exchanges
Problem solving activities
Physical challenges
Adventure based learning


New Zealand has some of the most untouched, diverse and beautiful natural environments in the world.  We have diverse geography that varies from region to region. Many of the geological and marine features are easily accessible and set up to cater for student groups.

Geothermal energy
Visit an active sea volcano
Conservation in action
Star gazing

Environmental Sustainability

New Zealand has worked hard to try and keep our country ‘clean and green’. Agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries industries have contributed to a rising number of environmental concerns. The management of these issues provides us with the perfect platform to study.

Sustainable oceans
Pest Control
Native forest restoration
Clean energy


Provide us with your learning intentions and we can work together to design a customised tour featuring student-centred, experiential educational opportunity for your students.


Educational Tours

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