New Zealand?

It's Safe

In fact it’s a very safe country. New Zealand has a stable political system with very low crime and the people tend to be extremely friendly. Also New Zealand has no poisonous creatures of any kind and no native land predators.

Good Infrastructure

The infrastructure here to cater for student groups is second to none. Tourism is New Zealand’s largest industry. This is due to the high-value experience people receive when they get here. New Zealand’s activity, accommodation and transport providers are strictly regulated and Manaaki Adventures NZ only partners with the best the industry offers.

The Natural Environment

There is a reason they filmed the Lord of the Rings here. It’s beautiful! The varying landscapes and clean, green environment provide a number of opportunities for students and teachers to grow and develop in many ways.

The Culture

With technology diluting minority cultures worldwide there is the growing desire for people to experience the diversity of the world, more than ever. The Maori (indigenous people), although being part of everyday New Zealand have managed to preserve many of the traditions and cultural flagships.